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lucien samaha press

"Chapters, Records, Keywords"
Ibraaz, by Walid Raad
November 2013

"Lucien Samaha: 'The Flight Attendant Years: 1978-1986'"
The New York TImes, by Holland Cotter
July 2013

"American Suburb X Interviews Lucien Samaha"
American Suburb X, by Vladimir Gintoff
June 2013

"The Camaraderie of Living in the Skies"
Hyperallergic, by Marina Lorenzini
July 2013

"The Anxious Artist"
Haber's Art Reviews: Paul Chan, Meg Webster, and the Politics of Disaster, by John Haber

"Lucien Samaha"
The Morning News, by Rosecrans Baldwin
April 2008

"Qu'est-ce qu'une fête? Réponses en image"
Genève La Vie, by Nic Ulmi
June 2005

"Photographic Memory or Chronicles of Photography"
Matters of Art, by Vaidehi Chitre
January 2007