Michael Rakowitz Press

Michael Rakowitz press


"An Artist Honors Tamir Rice, One Orange Object at a Time"
New York Times by Jillian Steinhauer
July 31, 2018

"Michael Rakowitz: The Invisible Enemy"
Frieze by Evan Moffitt
March 29, 2018

"Fourth Plinth Artist Michael Rakowitz on Iraqi art, the British Museum and sculpting"
London Evening Standard by Ben Luke
February 2018        

"Michael Rakowitz"   
Art in America by Lauren DeLand   
February 2018

"Relishing Spoils: Michael Rakowitz with David Sprecher"
The Brooklyn Rail
February 2018                                                                                                                                                                     

"Michael Rakowitz aims to connect cultures
with art and a food truck"

Chicago Tribune by Steve Johnson
October 4, 2017

"Michael Rakowitz forges bonds over Baghdad at the MCA"
Chicago Reader, by Lee Ann Norman
September 28, 2017

"Iraqi food for thought: Michael Rakowitz's Backstroke of the West"
The National, by Nick Leech
September 15, 2017

"Michael Rakowitz: Artistic Chameleon"
September 7, 2017

"Museum Previews: September, Michael Rakowitz"
Art in America 2017 Guide
August 2017

"Mayor of London Reveals Next Two Fourth Plinth Commissions"
Blouin Artinfo, by Nicholas Forrest
March 22, 2017

"Putting Art on a Pedestal in London"
The New York Times, by Farah Nayeri
January 19, 2017

"Michael Rakowitz: The Flesh is Yours, The Bones
Are Ours"

Art Review, by Arielle Bier
September 2016

"Gathering Gossip and Parsing Truth
at the Istanbul Biennial"

Hyperallergic, by Alpesh Kantilal Patel
October 27, 2015

"The Peaceable Kingdom"
Canvas Magazine, by Sarah Hassan
September/October 2015

"500 Words: Michael Rakowitz"
Artforum, by Zachary Cahill
August 18, 2015

"Art Fare: Michael Rakowitz's Dar Al Sulh"
Art Asia Pacific, by Kevin Jones
May 2013

"From Invisible Enemy to Enemy Kitchen"
Ibraaz, by Anthony Downey
March 2013

"Iraqi Food Truck Installation Hits Chicago's Streets"
The Art Newspaper, by Ruth Lopez
March 2012

"Don't Let Me Down"
Harper's Baazar, by Arsalan Mohammad

"On Peculiar Affairs"
ArteEast, by Ceren Erdem
October 2012

"Michael Rakowitz"
Artforum, by Naomi Lev

"dOCUMENTA (13): Books, Afghanistan and Both"
Art in America, by Gregory Volk
July 2012

"The Sweet and Bitter Road: Michael Rakowitz"
Art Asia Pacific, by Hanae Ko
May/June 2012

"Focus: Michael Rakowitz"
Frieze, by Peter Eleey
May 2006

"Using Old Materials to Put aNew Face on a Museum"
The New York Times, by Roberta Smith
September 2008

"Using Old Materials to Put aNew Face on a Museum"
The New York Times, by Roberta Smith
September 2008