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Lucy + Jorge Orta's "Antarctic Village" at Vienna Art Week 2015

Vienna Art Week 2015, November 16 - November 22, 2015, presents a wide range of exhibitions, openings, lectures, screenings, tours, and trips, performances, conversations, and discussions in conjunction with the exhibition Creating Common Good.

Curated by Robert Punkenhofer and Ursula Maria Probst, the exhibition explores the notion of “common good” – sharing of natural resources, public space and services – lending further urgency to the call for a new public awareness of the notion of commons. Tackling a range of topics from alternative microsystems, gentrification processes and the migration crisis; to criticism of budgetary cuts in education and culture, the participating artists question the creation and use of resources, they suggest alternatives to the established order, and hold themselves to the ethical task of shaping society.

Lucy + Jorge Orta's Antarctic Village - Dome Dwelling, originally installed across Antarctica in 2007, calls into question issues relating to the environment, politics, autonomy, habitat, mobility, and relationships among peoples. Creating Common Good is on view at the Kunst Haus in Vienna, Austria from November 17, 2015 - January 10, 2016.

Lucy + Jorge Orta, Antarctic Village - No Borders, 2007, Installation. © Thierry Bal / Dirección Nacional del Antártico. Courtesy Lucy + Jorge Orta