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Lee Kit at Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo

Lee Kit (b. 1978, Hong Kong) is currently on view at Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo, with his solo exhibition The Voice Behind Me. "Lee produces paintings on cloth and cardboard, ready-made items like lights and hangers combined with paintings, or sometimes combinations of video and paintings, and most often they are characterized by a quotidian sense of blending casually into the everyday. His works are easily recognized for their subtle pastel colors and seem to cast admiration on the everyday. Nevertheless, Lee’s consciousness also extends to the societies and political situations he perceives around him...This exhibition will show about ten works including Scratching the table surface and other past representative pieces to new ones including paintings on cloth with text, paintings on cardboard and video works created for the gallery’s unique space. While Lee’s works do not speak their messages loudly, they embody a refined wit. The Japanese public, having passed through its own period of high economic prosperity, are now standing at a turning point." Click here for the full press release.