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Yuko Mohri - Artist in Residence at Camden Arts Centre, London

Yuko Mohri, Calls, 2013-14, bells, fork, grass, horn, electric magnet, ribbon, cloth, coil, suit case, etc., dimensions variable. Installation view, ACAC Aomori Contemporary Art Center. Photo: Kuniya Oyamada.

Tokyo-based artist Yuko Mohri as been awarded an artist residency at Camden Arts Centre in London. The residency, which will take place August 22 - October 20, 2016, is part of the Grand Prix Nissan Art Award Mohri received in 2015 and is organized in association with Arts Initiative Tokyo.

Mohri will speak with writer Agnieszka Gratzato to discuss her work, which examines notions of flux, instability, and intangible energies, on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 from 7-8PM.

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