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Rosa Schapire Art Prize 2016: Dan Perjovschi

Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi has been selected by Professor Kasper König to receive the 2016 Rosa Schapire Art Prize, given by the Friends of the Hamburger Kunsthalle. The annual €20,000 art prize honors a remarkable contemporary artist whose work qualifies as a valuable and vivid contribution to the collection of the traditional yet aspirational Hamburger Kunsthalle

For the occasion, Perjovschi will draw on the glass surface of the entrance and the walls of the atrium at the Galerie der Gegenwert with his signature drawings. These images, drawn with black and white markers directly on the walls, floors, and windows, enable a humorous and precise insight into the events of today, as well as into the comedy and tragedy of human nature.

The site-specific installation will be on view from October 15, 2016 - January 29, 2017.