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James Clar part of Mana's New Media Program group show in Downtown Miami during Miami Art Week.

One Minute Dreamscape , 2016

One Minute Dreamscape, 2016

The Mana Contemporary BSMT New Media Program (NMP) presents Flatland, a group exhibition of seventeen artists exploring new technologies, on view Dec 6-10. Spanning five storefronts of Downtown Miami, which have been transformed into five conceptual levels. Using machine vision, biometric sensors, anamorphic 3D projection mapping, VR, AR, and more, the works in the show invite one to dissociate momentarily from ordinary waking consciousness, and explore the worlds of seventeen artists who imagine new perspectives of “reality.” 

James Clar will be part of STOREFRONT 2: LIMINALITY. An immersive environment, featuring installations by Lisa Park and James Clar that blur boundaries between virtual/real and physical/metaphysical, as well as dynamic light works by Pablo Gnecco and Alex Czetwertynski.