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No Gravity , 2017 

No Gravity, 2017 

James Clar's Solo Exhibition "DISTANT LIGHTS" opens with a reception on September 30 from 5-8PM at a STRONGROOM pop-up gallery at 188 Grand Street in Newburgh, NY. James will give an artist talk starting at 5:30PM.

Clar’s work uses controlled light and sculptural light systems in order to analyze and observe the effects of media and technology on our perception of reality, time, and space. Using various forms of technology as his medium, he critiques their modifying effects on human behavior and ability to enhance or inhibit communication. 

For his Strongroom installation, James looks to the connection between the spiritual or otherworldly in relationship to our increasingly digital reality. The exhibition includes a central light piece that draws the viewer to a door leading nowhere, with shadows emanating from below. Titled “Nobody’s home,” it references a larger existential question of whether someone or something is “home”. With no tangible form to grasp, instead we are presented with a ghostly presence and a non-existent space. 

"DISTANT LIGHTS" will be open for public hours Sundays through October 22nd, 12-5 PM (October 1, 8, 15, 22).