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Moré Moré [Leaky]: The Falling Water Given #4-6,  2017

Moré Moré [Leaky]: The Falling Water Given #4-6, 2017

Yuko Mohri is participating in the 14th Biennale de Lyon on view through January 7, 2018. Floating Worlds curated by Emma Lavigne uses six trails to link the artworks on show at the macLYON to the ones on show at La Sucrière and the dôme, place Antonin Poncet: Archipelago of Sensation, Expanded Poetry, Ocean of Sound, Electric Body, Inner Cosmos and Endless Circulation. 

Yuko Mohri's installations are like autonomous ecosystems, made of disparate mechanical elements. Household utensils or other everyday objects reconfigured by the artist are combined with machine parts that she has picked up all over the world. The improvised design of these assemblages involves intangible energies such as magnetism, gravity, light, and temperature. She designs frameworks inspired by Marcel Duchamp works such as the Ready-madesThe Large Glass or Étant donné, then creates two-dimensional works based on water leaks that have sprung in various places. The artist then tries to connect the flows between them, judging the work to be finished when she has managed to control the leaks, thus allowing the water to circulate again.