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"Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food" at City Gallery and Museum, Peterborough, UK

Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food represents the culmination of the artists' twenty-year dedication to the transformational power of art and food and examines the artists' collaborative practice in the context of the major concerns of social and ecological issues such as consumer food waste and global food distribution. The exhibition is also the culmination of an 18-month residency the artists have had with the city of Peterborough.

In September 2015, Lucy + Jorge Orta created 70 x 7 The Meal, Act XXXIX Peterborough, their first major UK outdoor meal in an ongoing series of "social sculptures," seating over 500 residents for a lunch of locally sourced produce. Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food draws together archival work from their Food series alongside new sculpture and drawings inspired by the Peterborough meal. The centerpiece of the show is a major new sculpture, featuring 100 aluminum-cast loaves of bread baked by the residents of Peterborough.

The exhibition is accompanied by a monograph Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food and the Public Sphere published by Black Dog and contributions by Hou Hanru, Nigel Prince, and Ellen Lupton.

Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food runs from September 10 - December 4, 2016 at the City Gallery and Museum in Peterborough, UK.