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Frieze Projects 2017: Lucy + Jorge Orta

Lucy + Jorge Orta will participate in the 2017 edition of Frieze Projects, a non-profit program of of new artist commissions at Frieze London with a new installation of Antarctica World Passport Bureau. Curated by Raphael Gygax (Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich), this year's Frieze Projects includes 11 artists and 7 new artworks spanning literature, theater, design and installation, all with a strong performative streak. 

"The Antarctica World Passport Delivery Bureau is a public engagement artwork that invites to visitors to register for the Antarctica World Passport, and become members of the ever-growing Antarctica World community. During exhibitions of the artists’ work, customs officers from around the world distribute facsimile passports to passers-by. With over 50,000 passports now in circulation, the Antarctica World Passport embodies the notion of Operational Aesthetics, as its ambition is to mobilize the citizens of the world to protect the Antarctic, to take action against the disaterous effects of global warming, and to strive for peace.